Atikokan Youth Initiatives

Atikokan is a small town in Northwestern Ontario with an approximate population of 3000. Many community members have advocated for their belief that the youth of Atikokan need a physical, non-business location where young people can gather, socialize and grow.  In addition, the youth of Atikokan expressed their interest in a Youth Centre through a survey that was conducted in 2007 at the Atikokan High School by a local Councilor.  Supportively, the need for a specific location for the Atikokan youth resulted in the establishment of the Atikokan Youth Initiatives (AYI).  AYI is an incorporated non-profit charitable organization that is dedicated to the solidification of a positive youth centered environment and envisions the youth of Atikokan as the driving force behind the Centre.  AYI also anticipates the Youth Centre to be a hub for a variety of youth recreation and programming that will foster a sense of responsibility, respect and skills that will champion the youth into their futures.